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The adjudication panel is selected in two phases: selection by draw (more commonly known as mandating) and selection by vote (more commonly known as self-nomination).

All ADCRGs who had entries at any of the previous ten (10) World Championships are subject to mandating, minus those who adjudicated at any of the previous five (5) All-Ireland Championships or the previous five (5) World Championships and/or were mandated at any of the previous five (5) World Championships.  This system was temporarily suspended for 2022 due to Covid-19 and was reinstated for 2023. 


January 31 Update: Due to the right of a dancer being able to compete superseding the right of a self-nominated adjudicator being able to adjudicate, a member of the previously announced panel has had to withdraw. The next-in-line adjudicator was contacted and has accepted.  An additional adjudicator has withdrawn due to family obligations. The next-in-line adjudicator was contacted and has accepted.  Below is the current list.

March 06 Update: An adjudicator has withdrawn due to family commitments.  The new adjudicator does not have any conflicts, and does not cause any carryover or qualifiers.  Below is the current list.



(MD=Mandated; SN=Self-Nominated)
MD - Alan Murphy Ireland
SN - Bronwyn Kelly Australia
SN - Carol Kelly Pirsztuk USA
SN - Charmayne Dulley Australia
SN - Chris Carswell Australia
SN - Claire Kelly Maxwell USA
SN - Daryl Goldes USA
SN - Eileen McLaughlin Scotland 

MD - Ellen Boyle Gibbons USA
SN - Fiona Robinson (Morley) England

MD - Francis Curley Ireland

SN - Imelda Keogh England
SN - Janey McGardle Ryan Ireland

SN - Joseph Manning USA
MD - Julia Bell USA
SN - Kate O'Neill Wosczyna
SN - Kathleen McLaughlin-Giroux Scotland

MD - Katie Stegeman USA
SN - Kerry Kelly Oster USA
SN - Kieran Rogers England

SN - Kristin Butke Zagorski USA

MD - Maureen Hegarty-Vogels Ireland
SN - Moira McMahon USA
SN - Olive Burns Crowley Ireland

SN - Orla McCafferty Doherty Ireland

SN - P.J. McCafferty USA
SN - Sarah Jayne MacLaverty Ireland
SN - Shealagh Hallissey New Zealand
SN - Tony Ferguson Ireland
SN - Vicki Paulin Australia



Anthony Davis England & Liam O’Sullivan England
Chris McLoughlin USA & Annmarie Acosta Williams USA
Cormac O’Se USA & Stephen Carolan Australia
Dean Crouch England & Aidan O’Neill Ireland
Francis Ward Ireland & Sean O’Brien Canada

Linda Rutherford-Harter & Tony Rutherford USA


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