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The Marketing Committee of CLRG is excited to launch an app on Guidebook to follow the competition days at this year's World Championships in Montreal, Canada.

While event programs are still being produced (for advanced-purchase only, see below for the link to the Official CLRG Online Store), competitor numbers and start numbers will only be communicated via the official Guidebook app.

It's free to download, easy to use, and is available now.  Content will become available at intervals over the coming weeks. 


Competition lists and start numbers will not be published in the app until adjudicators have been sequestered and away from access to communication devices, such as phones, watches, tablets, etc., which is anticipated to be 45-60 minutes in advanced of the published start time of the competition.  These procedures are still being developed, and will be distributed closer to the time of the Championships.

Official CLRG Guidebook App

Official CLRG Online Store

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